How to Choose the Right Utility Cart

When equipping your business to complete everyday tasks, you might consider purchasing a utility cart. Whether you are transporting a few dirty dishes or large warehouse loads, Lakeside can meet all your foodservice needs. However, there are many different tasks, work environments and cart options to consider during your purchase. Following these recommendations will help you select the right cart for your needs and ensure the job gets done ... Read More

Electric vs. Sterno: Which is Better for Your Room Service Operation?

Hotels and resorts across the nation and even the world, offer guests convenient delectable meals through their room service operations. From the comfort of their rooms, guests can easily enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. To guarantee the best experience, hotels must ensure food quality and safe temperatures when delivering food, especially with numerous orders in place. In order to keep hot food hot, room service operations utilize hot boxes or food warmer carriers. However, what heating type is best for your operation: electric or canned fuel? ... Read More

A Look Back at Food Trends

Year after year, trend spotters, top chefs, food connoisseurs and avid bloggers release the top predicted food trends.  From delectable cupcakes to Spanish cuisine, the trends have continued to evolve over the past five years.  As we turn back time and expose some of the most unique food trends, you will see that some food themes continue to remain the same ... Read More


Can I Get You a Cup of Coffee?

A common question morning guests may hear from waiters at your establishment, but are you sure that your coffee offering is up to par? This past year, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of coffee drinkers and the age of the coffee consumer is expanding. The younger coffee connoisseur has returned and with a sense of loyalty, this holds the opportunity for growth in the future. With the coffee industry on the rebound, make sure your establishment is capitalizing on the trend ... Read More

Food Safety 101

With the recent scares of E. coli in Germany and Salmonella in tomatoes from a Florida-based company, consumers are placing food safety at the forefront of their minds. To help prevent foodborne illnesses, more consumers are taking a personal initiative to ensure that their food is safe. As food service professionals, we must practice food safety techniques in our daily tasks and set the bar high for others in the industry. Here are some important things to remember to help keep your food safe and your customers smiling ... Read More

What Food Trends Are You Seeing in 2015?

New food and dining trends are emerging all year long. From dining atmospheres to menu options to an increased use in technology, 2015 trends reach every aspect of dining. Restaurants and chefs must stay in tune in order to drive business and offer their customers an exceptional experience. Here are some of the top dining trends for 2015 … Read More

Hotels Encourage Local Patrons to Visit 

With the slower economy and competitive industry, hotels are searching for ways to attract patrons.

Creation Station - Induction

Many hotels have begun hosting events to not only attract, but retain business customers and encourage local business. Hotels have begun hosting events from author readings to art exhibitions to cooking demonstrations from their top chefs. Anything that creates a special experience for hotel patrons and helps retain their business, is advantageous for hotels during this economy ... Read More
Extending the marketer’s palette: Hotels and restaurants add social media to the mix

Have you heard of the Roger Smith hotel in New York? Being an independent boutique lodging property in the land of hotel giants can leave you a little bit off the beaten path, with no global marketing or recognizable brand name. But the Roger Smith hotel is not standing back and hoping for conventional word-of-mouth to drive business. They are taking advantage of the real power of social media to create buzz about their unique lodging experience ... Read More

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