Rural Hospitals and Constant Obstacles
Running any hospital has its numerous challenges. With budget cuts, changing trends, technological advances, and the need to elevate the level of care, hospitals must overcome many obstacles. However, these obstacles are even greater for rural hospitals. From accessibility challenges to a greater amount of uninsured patients, below are some of the most common difficulties rural hospitals face. What changes can these hospitals make to overcome these challenges? ... Read More
Trends in Senior Living Dining Programs
Hospitals aren't the only place putting the lunch trays aside and offering more specialized meal programs, but long-term care facilities and senior communities have revamped their food service operations too. From country kitchens, grab-and-go options, room service to in-house bistros and cafés, senior living communities have it all ... Read More

Meal Delivery Selection Guide

Do the numerous options of meal delivery carts overwhelm you? If your hospital or long-term care facility is in need of a new cart, we are here to help simplify the selection process and ensure that you have the proper cart for your operation ... Read More
Are You Providing Healthy Solutions?
Increasing patient health has always been a top priority for hospitals. To elevate health, medical and technological advancements are constantly being made. However, until recent years, patient health stopped short at the kitchen door. Healthcare providers are now taking a stand and working toward serving nutritious meals to patients – one more way to advocate everything they stand for ... Read More
Cross Contamination - Food Safety and Gluten Free
Meeting our customers’ wants and needs, especially when it comes to their health needs, is essential. To better serve our clients, foodservice professionals must continue to pay attention to food allergy concerns as offering gluten-free products is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.  People who suffer from Celiac Disease are forced to follow a gluten-free diet … Read More
Help Patients Heal
Can Providing Made-to-Order Meals and Implementing a Patient Centric Approach Help Patients Heal and Cut Costs at Your Hospital?
It is no secret that many patients turn up their noses to the food provided during their hospital stay. From Jell-O, rubbery meat, to flavorless gravies, hospitals have received their fair share of complaints and jokes regarding the unappetizing food that has been served. However, over the years, hospitals nationwide have been addressing these complaints … Read More


Keep both heated and chilled food at safe temperatures with the new Dual Temperature Transport Cart. Watch Video.

 Late Tray Delivery/Pick-Up Cart, Tray Capacity 6






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Case Study

At Mt. Carmel, delivering hot and cold food safely through the long hallways can become a challenging task. Looking for simplistic equipment that would easily transport meals and relieve operators' temperature concerns, the facility turned to Lakeside‚Äôs Dual Temperature Transport Cart. [Read More]