Chefs Revolutionizing School Foodservice Programs

During a time when childhood obesity has become a national concern, exercise and healthy eating are at the forefront of parents’ and educators’ minds. Numerous initiatives have evolved, such as Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! and Chefs Move to Schools!, as well as the replacement of the USDA food pyramid with MyPlate, in an effort to promote healthy diets among children. However, some of the unsung heroes within the healthy food initiative are school and professional chefs. Across the country, chefs are revolutionizing food service programs and enticing students to try healthier alternatives ... Read More

Schools and Universities Adopt Organic and Sustainable Foodservice Practices - Are the Costs Too High?

It’s no secret that a healthy food movement is sweeping the nation, putting the pressure on school food service programs. In response, many schools and universities are cutting out fatty foods, implementing more green practices, buying organic, and serving more local food to students. However, not all food service programs have the sufficient funds to go 100% organic. Learn how your school can still be part of the healthy, sustainable movement without draining your bank account and what changes are being made nationwide ... Read More

What Can You Expect to See in Campus Dining Halls This Semester?

New classes, new professors, and new classmates aren’t the only things that come with the start of a new semester. Campus dining halls are also refreshing their menus with the start of a new school year. With the hopes of meeting the taste buds of a large population, universities are offering low-calorie, local, vegan, and even comfort food options on their menus this fall ... Read More

School Breakfast – A Foodservice Opportunity and Student Health Enhancer

As many students’ daily schedules are filled with school, homework, sports, clubs and in the later years- work, time for sleep is decreased and breakfast may be skipped as students rush to get ready in the morning. However, as many studies suggest, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, especially for students. Since students are running out the door for school without breakfast, your school’s breakfast food service operations can be extremely important... Read More

Schools are Serving Up More Salads Nationwide

It is no secret that childhood obesity is a rising national concern. With recent regulatory efforts from the Obama administration and a call for action from society and celebrities, such as Rachael Ray, to combat this issue, schools are looking for ways to offer students healthier options. Nationwide, schools are beginning to integrate healthier local foods into their menus... Read More

How the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Will Affect Foodservice
Recently, the House of Representatives passed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (S .3307) which will grant students access to more nutritious meals and establish nutrition standards for all foods sold in schools. The bill will now make its way to the White House, waiting for President Barack Obama’s signature... Read More

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